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  • @hypercasey Definitely looking at the unlocked and just screw the plans. Give me sim-freedom. in reply to hypercasey #
  • @hypercasey Is Fast Company on Zinio's app or a stand alone app? in reply to hypercasey #
  • @Tigermommy has all the videos for viewing. in reply to Tigermommy #
  • Watch live stream of royal wedding. Pretty good stream quality. Look for live link on main page. #
  • Trying to figure out why someone who was supposed to go only 2 stops on the tram went 2 MILES and then thought to call me for directions… #
  • @joshlam That's still a week earlier than the UK and Northern Europe. in reply to joshlam #
  • @hypercasey I got 3HK message today. I signed up yesterday. Today I signed up also for Vodaphone but haven't heard from them yet. in reply to hypercasey #
  • Buy a 'good enough' desktop + new laptop vs. top of the line desktop really spec'd out. Hurry up Apple and upgrade the Mac Pro so I can buy #
  • @hypercasey @jonbuford wish I could join you but I'm paying the price for staying up late to watch the World Cup. Sleep is good. in reply to hypercasey #
  • Oops, the proposal is going to be at IFC/Airport Express station next Thurs. Flash mob needed. #
  • The call has gone out for a Flash Mob to assist a guy in proposing to his girlfriend at Hong Kong airport Next Thurs. #
  • @brendanloy thou tweet too soon. 2-1 baby! in reply to brendanloy #
  • @johnerik I like the Christopher Walken version. in reply to johnerik #
  • @jonbuford So who is better. SmartTone or 3? in reply to jonbuford #
  • Gasol looks like a Yeti in heat #
  • Debating which city I'd like to see looted and pillages–Boston or LA. Not sure if a win or a loss will lead to more destruction….choices #
  • @kevinrose That's Fletch, 6'5", 6'9" with Afro in reply to kevinrose #
  • @dsearls is a p2p sports site. Here are game links. in reply to dsearls #
  • #worldcup Ireland could have beaten Mexico. #
  • @dedlam marks and Spencer in Central or Sogo in causeway bay. Both should have suits or just pants in reply to dedlam #
  • @drkiki sometimes mysql command FLUSH HOSTS will do the trick. It resets things if too many errors occurred and your host was blocked. in reply to drkiki #
  • @drkiki Welcome back. Your blog is still broken. in reply to drkiki #
  • @robpegoraro People still use Outlook??? Must take up a lot of floppies… in reply to robpegoraro #
  • @jamescridland Latin American Spanish is quite different from European Spanish. More differences than UK-US English. in reply to jamescridland #
  • @hypercasey Safari5 is mega-buggy. Hard reboot, of course. Delete preferences. Empty /cache/ as well. in reply to hypercasey #
  • @hypercasey Wasn't there a Flash update a few days ago? Safari5 has had some huge DNS issues but not sure about flash. in reply to hypercasey #
  • Start your Thursday with a little Deadmau5. #
  • @jonbuford Sure it wasn't chickens being strangled at a wet market? in reply to jonbuford #
  • Gran Turismo V trailer out with the Stig. Played this in Vegas at CES private party last Jan. Pretty impressive game #
  • Remember that "world's most expensive apartment" in Hong Kong? Turns out it wasn't true. Quasi-scam? #
  • Devo has a new studio album out. #
  • @hypercasey Thanks for the iPhanatics. You should start a poll on when we'll see iPhone4 in HK. in reply to hypercasey #
  • @thomashk We did DB. Quite quite hot, but could walk around a bit. Restaurants packed though so back to Central for lunch. in reply to thomashk #
  • @thomashk I was going to go to Stanley but think the ones in D. Bay might be a bit calmer. Let me know if it is a zoo down there in reply to thomashk #
  • The guardian angel of Suicide Cliff, saving lives one at a time, when he can, armed only with a cup of tea. #
  • Tesla ready IPO,0,3378942.story #
  • RT @tok_world: Hong Kong says small radiation leakage at southern Chinese nuclear plant contained #
  • @joanek You should order two and then sell your spare place in line to someone who is stuck waiting for hours. Did that with the iPad 🙂 in reply to joanek #
  • @joshlam Does make you wonder if the rumored 'new' Apple TV is going to be a Mac Mini Mini… in reply to joshlam #
  • @jonbuford Let me know if you hear of an iPhone dev meetup. Would like to start attending those. in reply to jonbuford #
  • Apple secretly updates the Mac Mini to include HDMI ports. I already have two though. Sigh. #
  • @HawaiAna If you are in C. Beach those are the Randle Cliffs. Scientist Cliffs & Calvert Cliffs are farther down the Bay (but look the same in reply to HawaiAna #
  • @loic ~28-34% have passports, but US troops travel w/o frequently so numbers slightly skewed. in reply to loic #
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