Time for a second server

Podcast directory is growing and growing, so much so that I had to order a second server to handle the load. We now have 16,000 podcasts and about 400,000 episodes in a massive database. Needless to say, it takes a lot of server power to keep the webpages coming up on time. So you might notice some strangeness in the next few days while I migrate servers and deal with other new things.]]>

Growing pains with 15,000 podcasts

Podcast directory site went up to 15,000 podcasts today and the server is really suffering from the strain. I really think it is time for a second machine to start handling some of the requests, but the price for that is also pretty stagger (another $300 a month or so). At these prices a T1 line in the house is starting to look attractive (since I have servers here). We’ll see what comes of this in the next few days…. ]]>