Swedish Royal Wedding on SVT.se online comes to the rescue of hopeless romantics everywhere.

Normally, it doesn’t take much to get me to watch pretty much anything on the net involving Swedish women. So things were a bit stretched last night when I found out this was a Swedish woman who was now off the market as she was getting married, but pretty much everything else on TV was worthless so we dove in headfirst to coverage of the Princess of Sweden’s wedding on SVT.se, the Swedish broadcaster. SVT was pumping a very high quality stream out LIVE of the Royal Wedding, and though we had some buffering issues thanks to our subpar ISP, we managed to get through most of the wedding without too much hassle. But for those who missed the wedding ceremony, you can go to the archives on SVT.se and find coverage of the arrival, first kiss, dance, cake, horses and Royal Yachts and all that. SVT Royal Wedding Coverage. Of course it is in Swedish so listening to it makes about as much sense as reading the product inventory of an Ikea, but you’ll get the general idea here and there.]]>

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