Russia soldier held in grenade attack on Bush

Moscow News reports that a Russian soldier is being held for the grenade atack on President Bush while the President was in Georgia. Details are still pending, but there are two theories: According to the first theory, the counter-intelligence service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has a photograph of the suspect. Law enforcers are searching for him and official statements will be made only after his arrest. According to the second theory, the hand grenade thrown during the U.S. president’s speech in Tavisuplebis Moedani (Freedom Square) was tossed into the crowd by a Russian military serviceman. He was allegedly detained two weeks ago while trying to leave Georgia and now he is in the hands of the Americans. Witnesses of the attack, however, know nothing about the second version. ]]>

Back a century or so

Yesterday we had Stealth Boat in the bay (it’s out there again today, somewhere). Today we have Skoleskibet DANMARK sailing by, although very, very slowly (not much wind). It’s barely moved a quarter of a mile in the last hour, eventhough it has full sales up. There is this computer program called Ship Plotter that I need to get. It reads the signals that the boats send out (name, destination, etc) and plots them on a map. With all the traffic the last few days, it would certainly be pretty informative. Guess I’ll just have to flip on the Coast Guard radio and see what’s what…]]>

Stealth warship off the seawall

This is a weird one. What can only be described as a stealth PT boat has just gone past my house and is now near the radar testing range of the Navy Research Lab at Chesapeake Beach. It’s about 150 feet long, and probably not more than 8 feet high (the cockpit looks like one of those high speed racing boats). It’s about 2000 yards offshore and is pretty hard to see. It’s doing 90 degree turns to give different profiles to the radars. Yes, I did get a picture of it. It’s a bit far off though. I used my film camera to get a better one (bigger lens) but this digital posted here will have to do for now until I get that developed.   EDIT:  Check out these pictures I got later in the day.]]>