Things on the Metro best left unseen

My ex-girlfriend once witnessed a guy pleasuring himself on the subway, but that isn’t quite the same as the Post’s lists of things not to see on the Subway. There are some pretty stupid people out there, and it seems a lot of them take Metro. I remember a decade or so ago when my ex- was on the subway in the last car. She knew there was a guy sitting behind her in the ‘conducters’ seat (a seat that is only available when the conducters door is open on a car that is not being used for steering) but she didn’t want to acknowledge the guy by looking at him. She rode about a half dozen stops and then finally stood up to leave when she saw that the guy was behind her playing with himself. “Eww!” she said as she left the train, later telling me the same story. “What was he thinking?” she asked of me. “Duh, he was thinking of you” I replied, rather smart-alecky. “EWW!” she screamed again.]]>

More on Norway

Mike Wise finally gets around to writing about the Olympic spirit of Norway’s cross country coach who handed a pole to a Canadian skiier who broke her pole. I wrote about this the other day and having been sending it around to all my friends. I guess I’m still a bit of an idealist when it comes to the Olympics, which is probably why I’m so annoyed with so many of this year’s team members. I think the Post’s writers were also caught up in the Jerry Springer aspects of this year’s team that they missed this story of simple sportsmanship. I do wonder if we are getting too jaded about things in generaly. In other news, it is 2-1 to Sweden in the second. I’m kind of rooting for Finaland because they haven’t won before, but seein a bunch of drunk Swedish girls celebrataing in the streets of Stockholm might make a Swedish victory more palatable.]]>

USOC realizes what everyone else has already figured out

This year’s Olympians have a bunch of jerks in their midst according to just about any person you meet on the street. It seems that the USOC is acutally cognizant of this fact, and according to the Post is preparing to address some of the jerk issues that have been present. “This team has taken a little bit of a hit in terms of its comportment in Italy,” Scherr said. “We would hope a few incidents would not overshadow the fact that this entire delegation has represented us very well. Understatement…]]>

Olypmics of Cheese

The Post’s Blogger is writing about cheese again, but this time it concerns a tip I sent about the Swiss bobsledder who is part time athlete, part time cheesemaker. ANNEN Martin is a professional cheese maker from Switzerland who drives Swiss 1. He’s actually got a chance at a medal I think as he was bronze in the two-man in Switzerland. Kind of neat to find that there are guys who actually have a day job instead of just the Olympics. Of course it is as a cheese maker, but we can’t all work Home Deport.]]>