More on Norway

Mike Wise finally gets around to writing about the Olympic spirit of Norway’s cross country coach who handed a pole to a Canadian skiier who broke her pole. I wrote about this the other day and having been sending it around to all my friends. I guess I’m still a bit of an idealist when it comes to the Olympics, which is probably why I’m so annoyed with so many of this year’s team members. I think the Post’s writers were also caught up in the Jerry Springer aspects of this year’s team that they missed this story of simple sportsmanship. I do wonder if we are getting too jaded about things in generaly. In other news, it is 2-1 to Sweden in the second. I’m kind of rooting for Finaland because they haven’t won before, but seein a bunch of drunk Swedish girls celebrataing in the streets of Stockholm might make a Swedish victory more palatable.]]>

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