Just silly

fine print? “Flights will have to pass through Hong Kong or Macau air space, but they do not have to stop there, slashing flight times by three hours.” Yup, so someone flying from Taiwan to Xiamen, a distance of 50 miles, will have to first fly and hour to Hong Kong, cross HK airspace, and then come back to Xiamen. It’s just boggles the mind that the governments that come up with silly stuff like this are still in power in this day. ]]>

These are quiet

One of these just flew past the house. It was really really quiet. Interestingly, it followed the same flight path as an A-10 did the other day. They used to go over the city and then turn South towards PAX river (20 miles away) but now they are coming over the Navy’s Research Lab (giving me a much better view) before turning. I wonder if the small community nearby was complaining about the noise. Hmmm…


Neighbor goes down in chopper crash

A Chesapeake Beach nurse was on the helicopter that crashed into the Potomac last week. This town is pretty much entirely police, fire and emergency service workers who hate the big cities so much they live out here. I see patrol cars from all over the metro area parked in front of people’s houses in this town. Unfortunately it often makes me slow down as I’m afraid I’ll get a ticket. ]]>

Dirty War

Dirty War is a BBC production that was shown on HBO the other night. It tells the story of a dirty bomb being blown up in Central London, and the resulting chaos involved in trying to deal with casualties. It’s very well made and should probably scare the hell out of those who see the film. London has a massive quantity of cameras which makes tracking down the criminals far easier, though it is a bit big brother-ish. British Police do manage to take out one of the bombers before he is able to detonate in probably one of the best drive by shootings I’ve ever seen on television. Of course when you are dealing with a suicide bomber with his hand on the trigger, you need to shoot fast.]]>

Man this would suck

Three NYFDM firemen died in the line of duty today when a fire got out of control. Actually there were two fires, but one claimed two lives and left four seriously injured. They were attacking a fire on the fourth floor an apartment building when they lost pressure and got trapped. They went to the window and then BLAM jumped out of it, falling four floors to the ground. To be cornered into a situation where jumping 40 feet was a better choice than staying put has got to suck.]]>