Yea, I was in the Post

Yea, that was me in the Post. They did a story about the Podcast site and took some pretty laid back pictures. Of course, I’m not always that laid back. In fact, most of last week I was working on a new site design that incorporated CSS instead of tables (which is how it is supposed to be, so I gather). Did the Post story increase traffic? A bit, but you never really know since the Post doesn’t use hyperlinks in most of their stories (which would be much easier to track). What’s next? Not sure, but I got an email from USAToday today. We’ll see what comes of that. ]]>


The Tour de France is wide open after a thrilling individual effort by Floyd Landis. Yesterday, Landis lost the yellow jersey and 10 minutes on his fellow riders when he just ‘hit the wall’ basically. But today, he took charge from the 4th KM and took off on a solo attack up the mountains. He finished 5 minutes ahead of his nearest rider, and is now only 30 seconds off the yellow jersey going into the time trial on Saturday. It was thrilling to watch. I was trying to take a nap after a long night but didn’t get around to it as I was really engrossed in the machinations of who was going to be where in the overall standings after the day’s racing.]]>

Germany is out

late goal by Italy. As I watched the crowds of German fans in disbelief and in tears, I knew, yet again, why sports is so much more powerful than art, literature or poetry. You see these people taken up to tremendous highs and then crashed back down to Earth in punishing defeat. You see hope and despair and all the things on a massive scale, concisely packaged into a 90 minute contest. When was the last time they burned cars and rioted over an art show. Well, the last time they rioted in a non-Muslim country over an art show I guess….]]>