Movie Review: Breach

Robert Hanssen, the FBI’s worst spy and former director of Soviet counter-intel. Hanssen was able to dodge investigators for years, primarly because he was in charge of finding himself. Shades of Deep Throat, Mark Felt who was put in charge of finding Deep Throat. Anyway, pretty good movie, but one to watch when you can give it your full attention to get more of the suspense.]]>

What the hell was that?

So I’m out on the boardwalk, blue skies, big puffy clouds, when I look up Annapolis way and it is black. I mean deep storm black. Within about three minutes, the sand was blowing, the surf was up, and beach chairs were blowing all over the place. A monster storm just popped on top of us, knocked out power (but not here) and generally wreacked havoc in 10 minutes.

And it is about to get worse]]>

When guys you thought about killing end up saving your life

When guys you thought about killing end up saving your life, you are in for a change of your views. The Post writes about a Navy Seal badly wounded and dying in the mountains of Afghanistan, saved (and protected) by some local villagers while the Taliban demanded his head. The Post’s story writes about the day the SEALS died (3 of the 4 SEALs were killed) and a rescue Chinook of 16 went down (all died) trying to save the one wounded soldier. Interesting read.]]>

The reason we still have the death penalty

CNN Stepfather accused of drowning girl, 3, for insurance

SEATTLE, Washington (AP) — The firefighters who tried to save 3-year-old Ashley McLellan, unconscious after being pulled from a pool on a winter night in 2003, noticed something strange about her stepfather: He was calm, mostly dry and never once asked them if she would live. She didn’t, and Joel Zellmer was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of killing her in an attempt to collect on a $200,000 insurance policy — just one accusation in a string of accidents that investigators say Zellmer concocted to befall the young children of the women he dated. Investigators say Zellmer has a history of dating single mothers, urging them to take out insurance policies and harming their children, including burning the hands of one and giving another a hot cup that blistered her lips.

DC Fire Chief

The Washington Post

Washington, D.C.: During the 911 calls of a recent SE fire, I heard one of the callers say the well worn phrase “If this was a fire in a white neighborhood, you would respond a lot faster?” How are you going to fight that perception? Chief Dennis L. Rubin: Wow. We arrived in less that five minutes to that call. Should we look into being Rocket Propelled? Our response times are great through-out every corner of the City. I worked five and a half years in the Trinadad section of town (E-10), we did everything that we were doing in upper northwest. I would submit that DCFD is color blind. Thanks, Chief R


Battle of Midway. If you have never read it, I recommend this book by two Japanese naval officers who were in the battle Midway: the Battle that Doomed Japan. It is published by the Naval Institute and is part of the core reading at the Naval Acadmey. It is also a lesson for management, in that the Japanese assumed so much (wrongly) and had too much faith in their own superiority such that they were caught it the open when luck and skill went against them. ]]>