No, I didn't get your letter

In case you are wondering, I had to buy a new mailbox today. This is what happens when a RAV4 swerves to avoid a cat, takes out all the mailboxes for my block, along with 20 feet of a telephone pole. Amazingly, we had Internet, phone and power throughout. The driver was taken to the hospital. The cat was put in the truck full of road kill.

My mailbox is the one with the black front.


AMT takes a bite

Got hit by the AMT this year. Apparently our combined income and the family size is just perfect for those folks who get caught up in the AMT. I shouldn’t really say bite. I should say devastating hunk of income going to taxes. I tried all the deductions I could but basically the AMT says ‘yea, that’s nice, now where is the money?’ Kind of like the mafia in the movie Goodfellas.


Arsenal wins 2-0

Yup, that’s the scoreline today. Take it to the bank.

I was on the sidelines. Wenger came up and told me to take the ball down low into the corner, then in an elaborate scheme I was to get the ball back and make about 8 passes so we went from the left corner, back to the midway line, and then into the right corner. From there we would cross and get a header and win the game.

We were already up 1-0 in the 78th minute when I came on. The throw-in came to me but it was way too strong and rolled back all the way to our goal. I followed it, turned and looked downfield. Most of the players were still on the left hand side waiting for the throwin, but in front of me, 70 yards away, I could see Tierry Henry making a break to the right which was virtually unoccupied. I kicked an amazingly straight pass 70 yards on the ground, passed all the players and Herny got it at the goal line. He stepped over the ball with his left foot and then kicked it behind his left leg with his right foot, stroking it into the goal.

Woohoo! My first EPL assist! I remember getting mobbed after the goal by the players and Wenger catching me in the hallways to congratulate me on my pass. I went to Jill Smith (Arsenal Supporters Club liason) but she was out. I told the person there “I just wanted to gloat and bask in some glory for a bit” and she laughed. “You deserve to”.

I then hear this roar, slow at first and growing louder. It sounded more like a wail. I looked around and noticed I was in bed and it was dark. My first though was ‘Henry doesn’t play for Arsenal anymore so it couldn’t have happened.’ My second thought was of my son calling me over the baby monitor.

I walked into his room with visions of nubile young Arsenal babes wishing to congratulate me on my goal scoring prowess, only to then be confronted with the reality of a dirty diaper waking my son up from his sleep.