New music from commercials

site that lists all of Mitsubishi’s songs, and several of the tracks have proved quite popular after getting the exposure they deserve. Now Apple iTunes has made Fisherspooner their featured artist of the week. Why? Because Fisherspooner’s hit “”Emerge”” is the song playing nearly every 20 minutes on MTV as part of their promos for VH-1, etc. MTV is even using the Dancing Kittens of for the promos. I’m not even going to talk about Moby and Fatboy Slim, who sold their entire collections to commercials and television shows. Has anyone taken a moment to ponder this? How out of touch as American radio become? That “”new music”” has had to find an outlet such as commercials (long ago regarded as the “”ultimate”” sellout to a musician) just to get exposure is a sad commentary on the radio industry’s ability to identify new talent. With the corporatization of radio, and the recurring playlists no matter where you are, music over the air is growing more stale by the day. You now have to wait for the commercials to hear anything interesting, musically that is. ]]>

Killer Bees

A shoplifter in Kansas got away with about $60 worth of CDs after releasing a swarm of bees on his attackers. He went into the restroom, released the swarm, and then came out screaming “”Bees, Bees””. Store security grabbed cans of Ra| off the shelf (smart thinking) and killed the bees. The bad guy got away. This is a great idea. But why did the guy steal only $60 of stuff? If you are going to do a crime, do a big crime. Do something worthwhile. Steal it all. What a waste of a great idea.

More ships coming home

It’s a hazy day outside and visibility is only a few miles, but I did notice this ship passing by the house just a few moments ago. It’s the USNS COMFORT on her way back to Baltimore where she is homeported. The vessel was in the Gulf as part of Iraqi Freedom, but now is returning to base. Many of the doctors were flown off weeks ago, but several hundred remain on board while the ship crossed the ocean. My own photos aren’t very good. A low grey profile in this haze, but with the scope I can see the Red Cross markings on the side.