The LA Times is reporting that Los Angeles is finally considering monsterous tunnels to aleviate highway congestion. These tunnels would be three to five times the size of the Big Dig in Boston. Here in DC we need a mega-tunnel between Washington and Baltimore that would get a large portion of the traffic on 95 out of sight and out of mind. I’d also like a mega-tunnel train project between DC and Baltimore with a super high speed train, but unfortunately the local politicians seem only interested in more surface streets and suburbs. Where are the “Grand Plans?”]]>

Giant Zit grows on the Earth is reporting that a ‘bulge’ is growing in the state of Oregon, and could quite likely be a volcano or a pool of lava under the surface trying to come out. They say it probably began growing in 1997 and has been rising ever since at a rate of about 1.4 inches a year. It was first observed from space using a relatively new imaging technology known as radar interferometry that can measure changes in the Earth’s surface. Reminds me of the Mexican volcano in 1943 that grew under the farmer’s feet basically.]]>