Being a lawyer again for a few days listening to CLE online

Illinois changed the requirements since I graduated from law school (over a decade ago) such that I now have to have a certain number of CLE courses (Continuing Legal Education) courses. When you are in a firm, they have a person who hounds you basically to make sure you keep up with your state’s requirements.

It’s a neat idea, but honestly, it’s rare you get a CLE course that is that interesting. I have a few I downloaded that started out as interesting topics, but the professors giving the lectures are pretty scholarly or dull. But it’s a requirement, and given my desire to wait to the last minute for basically everything I’m stuck having to do about 20 hours in the next 96 hours. Thank god they are mp3s as I can put them on in the car and listen during the commute (which will be about 8-10 hours worth of the listening over the next couple days as I have quite a bit of driving to do).


Officer shot Arlington VA

Was watching the SCAN-DC list tonight explode with a police officer shot. Cops were on the scene in moments and they chased the guy upto the 14th Street Bridge in DC. There is live audio from the scanner buffs in Virginia (who record pretty much everything that goes on in the DC area).

Apparently the police officer was protected by his bullet proof vest, but the suspect was apparently killed in the incident. The original lookout was for an Asian male in a Lexus SUV with Washington state tags.

If you listen to the audio advance to about 11:50 for the first call. Goes on from there.


Mayor Cheye Calvo dogs were legitimate targets

Police were justified when they shot and killed two dogs during a July drug raid at the home of Mayor Cheye Calvo according to an internal review by the police.

“They had a legitimate court order to be there,” he said. “Unfortunately we had to engage the animals, but that engagement was justified.”

…a scientific examination of the carcasses of the two dogs (was) conducted by a veterinarian with the Maryland Department of Agriculture at the request of Mayor Cheye Calvo. The necropsy concluded one dog was shot four times and the other twice, including once in the dog’s back legs.

Mayor Calvo isn’t buying it. Not only was he not interviewed for his witness statements of the shooting but he feels the dogs were not threatening, as proved by the fact the dog was shot in the back.


New Orleans looters go directly to jail

Mayor Nagin has decided that anyone caught looting will be sent to the Louisiana State Penitentary in Angola, one of the most notorious prisons in the country.

“You will not get a pass this time. Anyone caught looting in New Orleans will go directly to the Big House in the general population. You will go directly to Angola Prison and God bless you if you go there.”

Waiting for the ACLU to go bonkers on that.


License plate readers to be installed around Washington, DC

If you drive in DC, your license plate will be read by automated cameras and license plate readers, coming very soon. DC Parking control has been using these things for years to get tows and boots on scofflaws, but now the DCPD is going to start using them to look for terrorists.

The new project is much broader, installing cameras on about 160 police vehicles and at 40 fixed sites, such as airports or highway entrances, officials say. It appears to be one of the most extensive license reading systems in the nation, according to privacy experts.


The crack math ace lacking grace and bombing the place wants to save face by getting his shack back

Sorry, I just was feeling a bit poetic about the Unibomber demanding to get his one room shack back from the FBI, which has put it ‘on loan’ with the Newseum in Washington, DC. Maybe he just wants a cut of the entrance fee royalty charged by the Newseum ($20 or so).


Bin Laden Salim Haman driver to serve 5 years, and then be classified as 'enemy combatant' and held indefinitely.

Ok, so what’s the point?

They had a trial, he was found guilty, but now the Pentagon is saying even after he serves his ‘debt to society’ he will considered an enemy combatant and sent to some place like Guantanamo indefinitely.

Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said after the verdict Wednesday that Hamdan was now a “convicted war criminal” and that he was “no longer considered an enemy combatant.”

But on Thursday, Whitman said Hamdan’s status would revert to “enemy combatant” when his sentence is completed.

As an enemy combatant, Hamdan can be held indefinitely by the United States, although he would be eligible to appeal to an administrative review board to determine whether his status as an enemy combatant should continue.

So what the hell was the point of the trial????????????????


Verizon's FIOS finally coming to Washington DC

Despite being surrounded by some of the first communities in the country to get FIOS, and a relatively dense population core crying out for FIOS to be rolled out in the District proper, Verizon was dragging their feet for the last few years about rolling out the high speed service to DC residents. Well that wait is no more.

The District and Verizon Communications have reached an agreement to bring the company’s FiOS high-speed Internet service to the city.

Eric Richardson, director of D.C. Office of Cable Television, said the agreement requires approval by the mayor’s office and the D.C. Council, a process he said could be completed by the end of the year. Richardson said negotiations took nine months, less time than it has taken the District to work out previous cable franchise agreements.

As FIOS is a tv delivery platform, it often runs afoul of monopolistic cable tv agreements that cities have established with ‘cable’ companies. Whether or not these rollouts are done within the franchise agreements that exist (likely) or the result of total deregulation of the cable / Internet providing rules (ha) is yet to be established, but it doesn’t seem likely Verizon is going in anyplace where they don’t have a few regulatory barriers to entry in place already to prevent competitors.


High School Graduate Donna Dustin Murdered in 1973 + 35th High School Reunion in 2008 = New leads?

There is no statute of limitations on murder, so police will be showing up at the Bowie High School’s Class of 1973 to talk about the night one of their graduates disappeared, only later to be found in a local swamp. Donna Dustin was celebrating her recent graduation when things turned a bit ugly.

The next time Donna was seen, later that day at around 10:30 a.m., she was a corpse, beaten savagely to death off Meyers Station Road near Bowie Race Track, an after-hours hangout for local teens. Her body was found on the Anne Arundel side of the woods.

David Cordle, an investigator with Anne Arundel County’s State’s Attorney’s Office, will speak at the reunion, asking attendees to tell him anything they saw or heard about Donna that Nov. 17.

Reunions, Mr. Cordle said, “bring a lot of people together who normally don’t come together. If you ask (them) the right questions, maybe you’ll get the kind of answers you need.”

I doubt we’ll see someone stand up and confess, but you never know what people have thought or said over the years thinking they were safe and far away from a tragic murder scene. DNA evidence is far more refined than it was 35 years ago.

But here’s an interesting stat on life in the suburbs of the big city. Of the 700 or so graduates, 39 have died.

“Three were murdered, three committed suicide and others died in car crashes, overdosed or died of alcoholism. Three died while waiting for transplants or after getting transplants, three from breast cancer and three from AIDS,” Ms. Nusser said.