Bin Laden Salim Haman driver to serve 5 years, and then be classified as 'enemy combatant' and held indefinitely.

Ok, so what’s the point?

They had a trial, he was found guilty, but now the Pentagon is saying even after he serves his ‘debt to society’ he will considered an enemy combatant and sent to some place like Guantanamo indefinitely.

Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said after the verdict Wednesday that Hamdan was now a “convicted war criminal” and that he was “no longer considered an enemy combatant.”

But on Thursday, Whitman said Hamdan’s status would revert to “enemy combatant” when his sentence is completed.

As an enemy combatant, Hamdan can be held indefinitely by the United States, although he would be eligible to appeal to an administrative review board to determine whether his status as an enemy combatant should continue.

So what the hell was the point of the trial????????????????


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