Being a lawyer again for a few days listening to CLE online

Illinois changed the requirements since I graduated from law school (over a decade ago) such that I now have to have a certain number of CLE courses (Continuing Legal Education) courses. When you are in a firm, they have a person who hounds you basically to make sure you keep up with your state’s requirements.

It’s a neat idea, but honestly, it’s rare you get a CLE course that is that interesting. I have a few I downloaded that started out as interesting topics, but the professors giving the lectures are pretty scholarly or dull. But it’s a requirement, and given my desire to wait to the last minute for basically everything I’m stuck having to do about 20 hours in the next 96 hours. Thank god they are mp3s as I can put them on in the car and listen during the commute (which will be about 8-10 hours worth of the listening over the next couple days as I have quite a bit of driving to do).