Why Citibank Blows Chunks

Thank you for your message regarding Citibank Online and wire transfer. We appreciate your courtesy and we are always glad to be of service to you! — basic bs openning We always appreciate hearing from our customers, and many enhancements are a direct result of client feedback. Please feel free to send specific information about the things that you like and dislike about our new site and we will be happy to forward them for review. Your opinion does matter and we welcome future correspondence. — They welcome it, they just don’t read it For additional assistance with the use of Citibank Online and MyCiti, click on the ‘Help’ link, located directly to the right of the ‘Sign Off’ link. From here, select a topic from one of our pull down menus that interests you. Use keyword: wires — RTFM. They have to send me an e-mail telling me to RTFM when I’ve already RTFM’d and sent them an e-mail We would also like to take this time to make you aware that Citibank offers a free Bill Payment Service. You can use our free, flexible online bill payment service and pay your bills like clockwork. With this service you can set up recurring payments for ongoing bills. Our system allows you to schedule payments up to a year in advance. Payments are sent within 24 hours of the scheduled payment date or on the next business day. For more details, please refer to your User Agreement, Customer Manual or select Help Desk then ‘Common Questions’ and click ‘Making Payments’, under Banking at Citibank Online. — FRICKING SPAM. Buy more services rather than deal with the problem you asked about We hope this information will assist you. — Citibank Sucks If you have any questions please send a message or call 1-800-374-9700 and speak with a Technician. — Waste more of your time on the phone with someone who follows a manual rather than listens to your call. I would tell you about my call to India on this problem but it would only make me more upset as the moron followed the flowchart rather than listen to my problem. Thank you for banking with Citibank. — I don’t have a choice–it was the firm that decided to use you, not the employees Sincerely, Citibank Technical Support — Guys too afraid to leave their jobs and do a start up ]]>

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