100 Oldest dot.coms

Ever wonder which dot.coms were registered first??? 1.   15-Mar-1985 SYMBOLICS.COM 2.   24-Apr-1985 BBN.COM 3.   24-May-1985 THINK.COM 4.   11-Jul-1985 MCC.COM 5.   30-Sep-1985 DEC.COM 6.   07-Nov-1985 NORTHROP.COM 7.   09-Jan-1986 XEROX.COM 8.   17-Jan-1986 SRI.COM 9.   03-Mar-1986 HP.COM 10.   05-Mar-1986 BELLCORE.COM 11=   19-Mar-1986 IBM.COM 11=   19-Mar-1986 SUN.COM 13=   25-Mar-1986 INTEL.COM 15.   25-Apr-1986 ATT.COM]]>

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