This is not your father's Missile Command & Asteroids

Actually, it’s not my father’s either. In fact my dad didn’t play video games. The ‘old man’ in our family who plunked down dozens of quarters into Asteroids and Missile Command machines was me, so in a way when I say this isn’t your “father’s” missile command I guess I’m talking from the perspective of my kids. Whoa. Scary. There goes a saying I can’t use very well. But anyway, there is a new “app” on the Apple desktop App store worth checking out.  It’s called Pangea Arcade and includes Missile Command (not called that), Asteroids (not called that) and Centipedes (not called that either).  Damn lawyers. Anyway, it’s in the top ten and it is FREE on the app store, so worth checking it out if you want to play some old time desktop classics on your shiny new Mac.]]>

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