PenguinSix's Tweets for the Week

  • Of the four computers in the house I can touch none of them due to CRON routines all running at the same time. I need more machines. #
  • The advantage of building a 'World Cup web-radio' page over 10 years ago? I'm number on in Google for World Cup Radio #
  • Came home and checked my Google ad revenue. Thought there was a typo. Did in 1 day what I normally do in a week. Thank you World Cup page #
  • Went to a Techcrunch meet up last night. Good times in Soho. First tech social event in months. Good to get out of the house. #
  • Hillarious! RT @MarshaCollier: The Oil Spill Re-Enacted By Cats in 1 Minute – @TremendousNews! #
  • USAF Combat Air Patrol protecting the Space Shuttle captures amazing photo. [pic] #
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