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  • Just read my first comic book in years via iPad Marvel Comic app. Anyone who says this is just a big iPhone doesn't get it… #
  • @SelfishMom I thought all Southern Weddings has the groom dressed like some Confederate Colonel and the women w/ lace umbrellas 🙂 in reply to SelfishMom #
  • iPad tip: When you sync for the first time, it default syncs all photos, movies, videos and apps, not just the ones you might want. #
  • @DCPolicyJobs Geeky yes, but I'm also the man your man could smell like if you'd stop using lady's scented body wash. in reply to DCPolicyJobs #
  • @Scobleizer Process took 5 minutes walk in to walk out in Annapolis. Note: ipad syncs ALL photos from iPhoto by default. in reply to Scobleizer #
  • iPad tip: It seems the iPad is defaulted to sync ALL PHOTOS from your iPhoto library. I have 30,000. This is a thing you need to reset. #
  • My ipad. Took 5 minutes once in store. EVERY apple employee was working today. #
  • At Annapolis Apple store. Probably 40 people in line. #
  • Buying an iPad — at Apple Store, Annapolis #
  • Bed. IPad in morning followed by birthday party for kid in neighborhood which means no iPad for first few hours of ownership. Will be rough #
  • Made a grand more than I hoped selling car today. Maybe I should buy an extra iPad with profits. #
  • @Scobleizer Savour those books. After the iPad, they may be the last dead-tree versions you ever read? in reply to Scobleizer #
  • Just sold car to Carmax for about 7% under blue book retail price. Worth it for the hassle free-ness of whole thing. #
  • Selling my car at Carmax. Maybe. Depends on the price they offer me. #
  • Watching Mr. Smith goes to Washington for the first time in about 30 years. #
  • @thbo When do iPads go on sale over there? in reply to thbo #
  • Watching live review of the iPad and very glad I reserved one for pick up first thing Saturday morning. #
  • @loic Sorry no personal knowledge, but is really the best hotel review site (with pics). Use it for places all over. in reply to loic #
  • @albertsupdates has a LIVE review going on right now. in reply to albertsupdates #
  • @daynah Thanks for the twit update. Just turned it on. Can't wait until Saturday… in reply to daynah #
  • Wonder if Arsenal will have 11 healthy men left by the end of the game? #
  • I'm at Rockland's BBQ in Arlington, VA #
  • This is a loss. US calculus teacher Jamie Escalante of Stand and Deliver fame has died. #
  • @uhhitsshelby try hard reset. Push and hold power + round click button at bottom at same time for about 15 sec. in reply to uhhitsshelby #
  • ATM ate my card. PNC Bank sucks. Shotgun to ATM machine has just made by bucket list of thongs to do before I die. #
  • @robpegoraro News Tip: Reports that DC Fire radios have crashed tonight in 'catastrophic failure'. Sent you e-mail. in reply to robpegoraro #
  • My 10-yr-old Helly Hansen sailing jacket lost it's waterproofing. So the store gave me a free new one. Love lifetime warranties. #
  • Son asked me to "buy" an orange traffic cone for his room. He's too young for the "things you buy, things you steal" speech so I'm on ebay. #
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