PenguinSix's Tweets for the Week

  • Does the BBC's Chinese website look like a Japanese flag? Did a double take to make sure it wasn't a Japanese site. #
  • RT @nickbilton: These two videos of John Stewart on Chatroulette are brilliant & hilarious: #
  • April 3 iPad launch. Guess I can wait a few extra days for one. #
  • Is thisthe 10 billionth tweet? #
  • 70% of our clothes, toys and housewares are on a boat to Asia and we barely notice they are gone. We have too much stuff. #
  • Listening to Korean Pop music to get ready for Hong Kong (this song was popular the last time we lived there): #
  • Broadcasting live now! See me at #
  • @brendanloy there are reports of rioters in college park after duke upset (seriously). in reply to brendanloy #
  • @christinelu btw, many folks report an easier time getting a 1 yr Chinese visa at consulate in Hong Kong vs. US-based consulates., fwiw. in reply to christinelu #
  • @robpegoraro What does it offer vs. iPhone version of website, i.e. is it worth $1.99? in reply to robpegoraro #
  • @christinelu Cold and raining in DC. Hints of snow but ground is basically cleared from the blizzard. in reply to christinelu #
  • Between now and May we have trips to Beijing, Hong Kong, Cairo and South Africa planned. And moving our family to Asia. Ouch. #
  • @joanek nothing. We are keeping two houses so we only took what was needed. The rest stays here. in reply to joanek #
  • Big pile of stuff going on big container and then on Ever Diadem cargo ship to Hong Kong in about a month. #
  • Hong Kong movers arrive in 4 hours. Big pile of "life" sits on floor. Toys and tuna fish and towels and…just a bunch of stuff. #
  • @paulgrav 4×4 sudden death I thought they said. in reply to paulgrav #
  • No matter what the result, let's invade Canada just for the hell of it tonight and take their women. #olympics #hockey #
  • GOAL USA! #
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