PenguinSix's Tweets for the Week

  • It's just not the Olympics unless the Russians have something to whine about. #
  • I am "the man your man could smell like" ( Going out to get 'two tickets to that thing you love' while riding a horse. #
  • One-third of all the biathalon competitors in the Olympics are in the military. #
  • @loic pay him as an independent contractor not an employee in reply to loic #
  • @Nehalia Yea but the Chinese gold medal pair skated to music from the movie Highlander. FTW! in reply to Nehalia #
  • Denmark, Sweden and even the skip for the UK team are on my 'Babes of Curling' list. #
  • My cleaning lady's "4wd SUV" got stuck in the snow in my front yard. Had to tell her that she really didn't have a 4WD after I dug her out. #
  • @dcsportsbog They need some funky Norwegian curling pants to get some inspiration. in reply to dcsportsbog #
  • I learn more in one minute on Friendfeed than five minutes of sorting through noise on Buzz #
  • Napping on couch watching curling telling myself I am not lazy as at least it is not bowling on TV. #
  • @thekenyeung I copy down all their settings and try to recreate the same photos, but it never works just right. Still learning. in reply to thekenyeung #
  • Dick Button ranting about figure skaters grabbing their skates during performances. World does not stop to take notice. #
  • Sweden's first gold goes to a non-blonde. #
  • Arrest warrant for Tour de France cyclist Floyd Landis for computer hacking. Weird. #
  • Just sold my second US Olympic Team Opening Ceremony Hat–this one for $500. Only one more left #
  • @techmama Point out to your kid that the Chinese pair skated to the theme from Highlander, which is pretty cool. There can be only one! in reply to techmama #
  • Watching figure skaters perform to the song that was in the movie Highlander. There can be only one! #
  • @SLOGUNNER I got 2 for my kids & the lady was like 'do you want 1'. I said 'ok sell it pay for the others'. But at that price, all on sale. in reply to SLOGUNNER #
  • @jlcoassin That's why they included curling–so anyone of any age or condition can continue to have the Olympic dream, even into their 50s. in reply to jlcoassin #
  • My Polo Team USA Olympic hat finally sold, for $510 on ebay. wtf? I'll take it. Gotta love being trendy. #
  • My Polo Olympic Opening Ceremony hat is now over $400 on ebay. Guess there is a bit of a demand. #
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