PenguinSix's Tweets for the Week

  • Watching Hong Kong gangster flicks trying to get my head around the fact I'll be back there in about 3 weeks. #
  • Snow in the backyard at Chesapeake Beach an hour ago. Much deeper now. #dcsnow #
  • @thekenyeung aol paying if you write about sxsw. in reply to thekenyeung #
  • @drkiki #DKSH no vid because net is down, but you could ask about theory dinos did not die by asteroid. in reply to drkiki #
  • RT @BreakingNews: Study linking vaccines to autism 'dishonest,' 'irresponsible,' British Medical Council rules #
  • Not content with just hitting the water main the contractors have now hit the cable tv/net cable. Wonder if iPhone tethering works yet. #
  • @thekenyeung go to the airport and get on a random flight. More adventure. in reply to thekenyeung #
  • Septic tank diggers found the water main. We now have a fountain in the yard. #
  • Flash is sooooo 2008. #
  • iPad craziness and I'm stuck outside putting in a $5500 septic drainfield. My shoes smell funny. #
  • @juliehallboston cash cash cash cash cash. In the end that's what makes us save energy. Make the financial argument and you win every time in reply to juliehallboston #
  • @momfluential I've never heard good about dreamhost. I use mosso which is ok for smaller sites. Singlehop is my dedicated server–solid. in reply to momfluential #
  • Army Corps of Engineers taking bids for NSA's new $1.7 billion data center in the middle of Utah. #
  • Army Corps of Engineers taking bids for NSA's new $1.7 billion data center in the middle of Utah. #
  • Watching a friend of mine on Let's Make a Deal. She was one of the first contestants today who won a new home theater #
  • @drkiki Hope you have seen the movie 24 Hour Party People. A good one for Joy Division fans. in reply to drkiki #
  • @jack anytime you talk to the IRS get the operator number of the person. The conversation & notes you have can come into play later. in reply to jack #
  • Most people watch WALL-E and see an environmental message. I see an awkward guy trying to get the hot girl. Almost autobiographical 🙂 #
  • @ScotteVest Video yes, but it opens in a media player, not on the page. Why not put it on Youtube and embed YT into your page? in reply to ScotteVest #
  • Would cable movie channels exist if Kelly's Heroes had never been made? It's on daily I think… #
  • I went to college with the Saint's head coach and special teams coach and my jr. high football coach is the replay official. Small world. #
  • When God created football it was because he wanted to watch games like this one. #
  • Can anyone on the Vikings hold on to the ball? #
  • @thekenyeung I think the Colts were reading your tweets and realized they should wake up and destroy something… in reply to thekenyeung #
  • It the annals of chick movies, Legally Blonde actually isn't that bad. If you are forced to watch one, you can do much worse than this one. #
  • @steve You don't want to know the result. Just go back to bed, or watch bobsledding on Speed Channel instead. in reply to steve #
  • It's so hard to plan a productive and exciting day when it's cold, grey and miserable outside. Maybe some productive sleeping. #
  • Rumors that AT&T exclusivity for the iPhone to end on January 27…. #
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