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  • @juliehallboston It's Dances with Smurfs. Plot weak, but visually cool Must see in 3D. Skip the 2D. Wasn't a life changing event for me. in reply to juliehallboston #
  • @juliehallboston More here in reply to juliehallboston #
  • I'm stuck in a German techno-rave club in Second Life. Weird has been redefined… #
  • @juliehallboston It's not Spongebob. Many lizard horses and hammerhead elephants and a bunch of other acid-based creatures. Scary for 5. in reply to juliehallboston #
  • @aliciamk Ok. Maybe on later if the [email protected]#$%@#$% doesn't crash again. in reply to aliciamk #
  • @aliciamk What's your second life name? I'm PenguinSix Venkman–just got the stupid thing to work for the first time in months. in reply to aliciamk #
  • @juliehallboston Avatar != 5 yr old. There are a lot of monsters and scary looking things. Even the good 'creatures' are nightmare worthy. in reply to juliehallboston #
  • @thekenyeung Whatever you decide, when you are actually eating you'll probably wish you decided the other option. in reply to thekenyeung #
  • @jlcoassin Any parent who tells you they don't give the iPhone to their kids is a liar. It's the best toy ever. in reply to jlcoassin #
  • Moving to Hong Kong where everything is 220v is going to see a major ebay-age of many many gadgets. Sigh. #
  • @Scobleizer You're right. Like the iPhone, who cares about the hardware. t's what you are going to DO with the thing that is the big sell. in reply to Scobleizer #
  • Four Lions, a comedy about jihadist suicide bombers (yeah, seriously) actually looks funny. Clip: #
  • Moving to Hong Kong in 4 weeks. Guess I should start packing. Back in a year or two. #
  • Jane, you ignorant slut. If you've never seen it, you simply haven't lived. #
  • Email leads SAR team and CNN to Haitian Univ. where students may still be alive after 9 days. #haiti #
  • @leolaporte The DMV. Is that a good thing? in reply to leolaporte #
  • @loic Inbox. Wonder if email is going to be read in Seesmic Look in reply to loic #
  • My son calls Microsoft Excel the 'froggy'. I guess the logo looks like a frog. #
  • @Scobleizer But would you run it on an Apple tablet vs. a twitter app? in reply to Scobleizer #
  • @goodetobefirst Good pizza at Matchbox in Chinatown (7th/H NW). DC lunches at Eastern Market Lunch (7th/D SE) or Ben's Chilli (12th/U NW) in reply to goodetobefirst #
  • Fmr. Pres. Candidate John Edwards admits what everyone already knows. He is the father of the love child. #
  • Obama's Justice Department supports extremely radical pro-RIAA positions against music sharing #
  • @goodetobefirst Welcome to DC. Did you bring the California crap weather with you? ice/snow tonight in reply to goodetobefirst #
  • Idiot's domestic disharmony just erupted on the road near me in a tirade of threats and obscenities. Rang 911. Wake me up–go to jail. #
  • Just took a 4 hour lunch break to see Avatar 3D. Yes, #9to5sucks. #
  • @robpegoraro Last time NYT charged for content I went about 16 months without even looking at their website. in reply to robpegoraro #
  • @steve Do you wear glasses (re: 3D Avatar). Wondering if that impacts it at all. in reply to steve #
  • Should I see Avatar in 3D (30 minute drive) or regular strength (10 minute drive). Last chance before craziness starts. #
  • @jamescridland Glad you had a fun. My wife is in HK signing an apartment lease but I won't be there until March. Will meet up next time. in reply to jamescridland #
  • The circular firing squad returns to the Democratic party. #
  • @dsearls interesting prediction. He certainly will eat into the Palin base. in reply to dsearls #
  • Have no idea about pizza I bought as phone call stole me away from dinner. Bummer #
  • Great, the baby found the keyboard nnu¬†¬†RUNNING tw eegth o dkiecniun #
  • ' #
  • Fear, uncertainty, doubt rule at this moment as I'm about to order a pizza from a new place I've never tried before…. #
  • Tornado warning for LA? That's pretty weird. #
  • @loic I've even done video conferences via Skype on Virgin. The connection is that good. #
  • Massive homeopathic 'overdose' planned to protest UK pharmacy selling silly do-nothing 'cures'. #ten23 #homeopathic #
  • All these tweets about Cadbury are making me hungry. #
  • @thekenyeung That means you have to buy whatever they announce. It's in the fine print of the invite, probably… in reply to thekenyeung #
  • Military bloggers fly to #haiti to provide security for rescue convoys. Donate now. #
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