Explaining the stupidity of people to a three year old

[/caption] We were out for our morning drive sanity hour for the nanny today when I heard the air raid siren of the volunteer fire department in Dunkirk MD.  As we were just a few blocks away from the station, I drove over with the kids so they could see the doors open and fire trucks come out for a call. While parked across the street, I flipped on the Calvert Fire Department scanner channel on my iPhone and listened into the call. “Ambulance 59, Engine 51, respond to the medical” “What is it daddy?” my son asked. “Someone had an accident” I replied. “An accident with cars?” “I don’t know.” Then the scanner came on again.  “See the man for lacerations to the leg with a chainsaw” “What did he say daddy?” “I’m not sure” The scanner crackled “Police are responding as address has a long history of domestic violence and general disturbance calls, just in case.” “What did he say daddy?  Is it a fire?” “No, just someone being bad playing with toys he is not supposed to be playing with” was all I could think of. “Someone was a bad boy” said my son. “I think you’re right” I replied as we drove toward home. It’s a strange world…]]>

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