Hurrican Ike now a threat to Texas

Yup, what a difference a day makes.

Depending on how long Ike stays over Cuba, we’ll see a different ’spin’ out into the Gulf and final resting point somewhere along the US Gulf Coast. Originally it was Pensacola, then the possibility of New Orleans, but today’s computer models are sending it toward Texas (though without much accuracy).

I think we’ll have to wait until after Ike destroys Cuba before we know where it is heading next. As for my friends in the Turks, they weathered the storm though the winds were quite nuts.

Ike hit hard about 2am and blew steady at around 135mph straight in from the north until about 6am. Five of us worked hard trying to keep up with all the water pouring in through the big sliders. They held beautifully, but the wind was so strong and direct that it was just pouring in over the track. The eye passed south of us around 5:45 or 6. We never had a lull, but the wind shifted and is blowing hard (still over 100mph) out of the ENE. That’s given us a bit of a break and we were able to catch up on our bailing and mopping. Getting a bit of a rest now, though it’s still very ugly out there. House has performed exceptionally well with no structural strain, just water blowing in. We estimate we’ll be getting hurricane force winds until around 8:30 or 9, at which time we should drop down to TS force winds.


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