Hurricane Gustav to be worse than Katrina?

There are some scenarios that are indicating that is possible.

Katrina had a footprint of about 400 miles, he said. Gustav is about 900 miles and growing, Nagin said.

“This is worse than a Betsy, worse than a Katrina,” Nagin said.

The mayor speculated that Gustav is so fierce Baton Rouge likely will experience 100 mph winds.

“You need to be scared and you need to get your butts out of New Orleans right now,” Nagin said.

Nagin said he expects Gustav to “punch holes in the Harvey Canal,” which will cause the West Bank to become a bath tub.

Evacuations are now mandatory.

While the map shows Gustav not making a direct ‘hit’ on New Orleans, you have to remember the counterclockwise spin of the hurricane will result in some of the heaviest winds and rains going right into New Orleans. The storm surge there could be WORSE than Katrina causing even more flooding than last time.


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