Obama supporters learned nothing from Hillary victory–pushing women toward Palin with stupid misogynistic comments

Take a look at the website comments on any major site, such as Friendfeed, the Washington Post, wherever. Throughout the absolute vitriol being thrown at McCain’s VP candidate Palin is a surprising echo of some of the misogynistic comments we heard about Hillary in the primary. Questions about her looks, snide remarks even. Comments that she’s not fit to be a mother and a VP candidate. People reading into her tone of voice, clothes, etc. Everything they did about Hillary during the primary is being echoed and repeated about Palin.

Are Obama supporters so deaf to the world they can’t see this? Open mouths and closed minds has become the norm in politics today, but if they’re not careful their going to end up driving more and more Hillary voters away simply because of the way they’re attacking Palin.

As always, Google is showing the trend here.

We’ll have to see if they get the memo on this one before they do too much damage.


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