Bush orders Navy and Air Force to Georgia (on mercy mission)

Photo courtesy of Madam Tussards

President Bush has decided to take advantage of the Russian / Georgian peace agreement allowing for humanitarian aid by sending in the first waves of US C-17 cargo planes loaded up with food and other necessary supplies. US Navy ships will also start offloading supplies (once they find a port I guess). Bush also called on Russia to “honor its word” and pull back its forces, something that is up in the air right now.

A convoy of freighters didn't look as menacing…

On the one hand, this looks pretty weak. I’m sure some of the troops are going to get ‘where were you’ questions while they are on the ground. But on the other, the sooner they can get in there the sooner they become ‘human shields’ basically–guys on the ground that the Russians will not attack. Get them into the airports and ports and hospitals and schools and suddenly bombing Georgia becomes far more costly for the Russians.

The EU is also planning on sending monitors, once they get the ok from the UN (though with Russia’s veto don’t hold your breath).

It’s definitely a frosty time now.


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