Coups and Earthquake Updates of the Day

On the basic assumption that Americans care only about world news at it relates ‘coups and earthquakes’, or more recently, coups, earthquakes and hostages, I thought I’d give an update of the world news today.

* There was a coup in Mauritania today, but as most of you haven’t the slightest clue where that is it really isn’t news.

* The three US hostages seized by the FARC and rescued by the Colombian military are going to take a cross country ride to raise attention to the plight of other hostages still being held down there. But as most Americans didn’t even know they were hostages until they were released I’m not sure how successful they will be.

So in news most Americans are interested in–Paris Hilton has made an election video in response to McCain’s ‘celebrity’ video of Obama and the insinuation that Obama is an empty suit (like Paris Hilton). You be the judge if this response is really a counter, or just proof positive of that fact.

(yes, there is satire in this post).

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