Syrian General Mohammad Suleiman who ran guns to Hezbollah found dead.

Well not really that much of a surprise, given his alleged role in shipping weapons to Hezbollah.

A Syrian general shot to death at a beach resort over the weekend was a top overseer of his country’s weapons shipments to Hezbollah, according to opposition Web sites and Arab and Israeli news media.

Syria by late Monday had issued no reaction to widespread reports of the assassination of Brig. Gen. Mohammad Suleiman near the Syrian port city of Tartous on Friday night.

Apparently he was shot four times by a man on a yacht, who apparently escaped.

Now before you go blaming the Mossad, there is already some information (or disinformation) in the Israeli press. The Jerusalem Post is citing anti-Syrian dissidents of saying ‘he knew too much’:

Suleiman, 49, was responsible for “sensitive security files” in the Syrian president’s office and in charge of the financing and reform of the Syrian army, the source said. But he added that it was too early to know whether the assassination had to do with particular files Suleiman handled.

Maybe when the spin calms down we’ll get a better idea why this happened.


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