More on the iPhone's radio applications and the threat to radio.

My posting a week or so ago about the threat to XM and Sirius has been picked up, echo’d a bit, and expanded upon in a few articles this week.

First was Doc Searls who wrote about it in his Linux Journal Blog

Then he had another piece that cited a CBS News guru who discovered much of the same things that I did while playing with radio (i.e. it’s really really cool).

The concept of Internet radio replacing terrestrial radio has been around now for nearly a decade. The hold ups have been many, including the difficulty in bringing in hardware at a reasonable price point. But Apple’s massive power in just ‘adding this’ as a function to the iPhone is going to really shake up the radio industry. I don’t care that uber geeks had this power with a Blackberry or a Nokia–no one really cared or used it. But with Apple making it as easy as a few swishes and viola, the landscape is about to change in ways not many can predict (though I’ve been trying now for nearly a decade).


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