Why I upgraded to the new 3g iPhone

Because it was free.

I mean basically, that’s it. My old iPhone is making its way on Ebay right now and the current prices they are fetching are incredibly similar to the price of buying a new iPhone (which I did earlier today).

I’m not one to rush and get the newest of the new simply because it is the newest, but with a chance like this to pay $0 and get a new phone I had to jump.

I was in Annapolis on another matter and called the Apple store, which the apple.com computer said was sold out. I spoke to the woman and she said ‘call back in 30 minutes’. The UPS guy at the Annapolis Apple store usually arrives about 10:30 and sure enough, he had a batch of new iPhones with him. The Apple folks told me it took about ‘10 minutes to ‘check-in’ the delivery’ and then they would be on sale.

I got to the store just as the UPS man walked out, and they made an announcement in the store that any customer looking to buy a phone should leave the store and get in line. I was 4th in line.

Unfortunately the people in front of me took a bit of time or had credit problems or whatever. Since I already had an iPhone and ATT account my upgrade and purchase took all of about 10 minutes. Others who were in line before me were still in the store.

The old iPhone went offline about 15 minutes after I left the store. The new one started working shortly thereafter. I’m now in the process of restoring from backup the contents of my original iPhone to the new one. The original is also being cleaned up for sale (note: if you ever buy Apple products, save the original box for resale purposes. Apple products get premium resale value vs. other electronics, and the original box helps).

So the upgrade is going on now and I’m off to get some lunch.


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