Title IX Sex Discrimination being applied to Science, not just Athletics

The New York Times is writing about Title IX, the landmark ruling that requires Universities to spend equal amounts of money for mens and womens’ sports. This has led to a slew of gold medals for the US in womens’ sports and a drastic decline in the number of schools offering mens olympic sports like wrestling and gymnastics. But such is life.

Now it appears that the Department of Education is turning toward the classroom in their application of Title IX to the Science labs.

The National Science Foundation,NASA and the Department of Energy have set up programs to look for sexual discrimination at universities receiving federal grants. Investigators have been taking inventories of lab space and interviewing faculty members and students in physics and engineering departments at schools like Columbia, the University of Wisconsin, M.I.T. and the University of Maryland.

If they thought athletic departments were stubborn, just wait until they meet a bunch of tenured professors guarding their turf. This could get ugly.


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