Sympathy grows for Yang and Yahoo amongst billionaires, but no one can find Rupert Murdoch's wedding ring

The NYTimes has an interesting story about the Yahoo deal (with a funny aside about Murdoch’s wedding ring).

The deal was so ridiculous — it called for Yahoo to sell its search business to Microsoft and for Mr. Icahn to take over the board of what was left of the company after assets were spun off and dividends paid out — that when the moguls here started to learn the details, it actually began to change the perception of Mr. Yang’s predicament.

Microsoft and Ichan deny this was the deal.

The conference was a collection of billionaires. The Google guys were there photographed with Yang, and Rupert Murdoch was also in attendance. He lost his wedding ring which resulted in all the other billionaires getting on their hands and knees to look for it under the tables and chairs (they didn’t find it).


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