Time for a change…

I was watching a 5 minute video clip that made me smile. It was the highlights of the 1989 classic football match between Arsenal and Liverpool. For those who don’t know, Arsenal needed to win the game by two goals to win the championship of the year. Liverpool, having endured the FA Cup disaster at Hillsborough only a few months before, was desperate to win a game for the ones who died in that tragedy.

The game was absolutely amazing, and since most of you probably don’t know the results you can watch this video.

But that’s just an aside. The real thing that happened during this video was that I was smiling and quite happy, removed from the day-to-day grind which has been hanging over me for most of the year. I really didn’t care about the ‘task list’ that’s before me, and I think I’m coming to a decision that will change a few things.

More soon.


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