Podcasting Directory

Internet Radio Appliances one of the ideas was to create a customizable feed of content, such as local traffic, news, weather, etc based on your interests, delivered to your PenguinRadio when you woke up. Along those same lines comes podcasting, delivering podcasts of content to your Ipod every morning so you have something different to listen to on your way to work. I have to confess I am getting a bit tired of my library of music (700 songs) so I started playing with podcasting as a way to get fresher music. podcastdirectory.com is growing, slowly but surely. What I hope to do in the next few days is build not just a directory of podcasts, but of the actual shows they have produced, and then make that searchable through some database I create. XML is nice to pass data around, but it really isn’t the best database format out there (it’s not really a database format for that matter). Now it’s just a matter of parsing XML and OPML to MYSQL and moving forward from there into some search functions and classification capabilities. Ok, time for bed though. It’s 11:00 and, well I have work to do tomorrow on this…]]>

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