Michael Palin in Hong Kong

Michael Palin, formerly one of the Monty Python crew and now a well-known world traveller and documentarian. He was in Hong Kong to promote his friends new opening at the Hong Kong Maritime Museum and also to do a book signing. I managed to grab a few books, both Around the World in 80 Days and his recent book Brazil which I sent away as gifts. I also grabbed the Monty Python autobiography, which I had him sign to “The Dead Parrot”. He added “just resting” at the end. I then asked if he had seen the famous Nigerian Internet Scammer version of the Parrot Shop but he said he hadn’t. I told him to look it up on Youtube so maybe he’ll get around to it.   Pretty nice evening. Sometimes we do get some celebrities over here in this land of finance and shipping containers.IMG_3775 [caption id="attachment_4581" align="alignright" width="550"]Go away kid you bother me. Go away kid you bother me.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_4579" align="alignright" width="550"]To the Dead Parrot, just resting. To the Dead Parrot, just resting.[/caption]]]>

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