Tornadoes make me homesick

squall lines and hail, the lightning and the smell, yeah, the smell of a storm coming through is something that you just don’t forget. So as I read about the horrible tragedy unfolding in the US and take a look at the pictures of small town middle America, I’m often saying to myself “I know what that town is like”.  I see the one water tower and grain elevator next to a railroad track that connects that town on to the next one, with the city being but an island in fields of corn and soybeans.  And as I sit here in my luxury high-rise in Hong Kong I watch and sort of think back to those simpler times when staying in the ‘safe room’ of the house was something ‘normal’. Yea, it is pretty weird.  But anyway–watch these two videos.  The first is the audio feed from a guy trapped in a gas station as the Joplin tornado comes into town.  You can’t see much but the audio is frightening.  The second is the day after–he goes back to the store where he was during the storm and you see how bad it really was.  Pretty amazing survival story.  ]]>

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