Into the Apple Product time warp

[/caption]Ok, so I was sitting here surrounded by stuff and no Internet, which means basically I have to behave like it is 1992 and I can only use my computer for doing stuff locally. So I started to make a list of all the Mac computers I’ve owned. Apple IIc (Dad’s) Mac512KE (1986) Powerbook 140 (1993) Powerbook 5300 (1997) iMac (2000) Power Mac G4 (2000) Powerbook G3 (Pismo) iMac (2004) Mac Pro (2005) Macbook Pro (2006) Mac Mini (2007) Mac Pro (2007) Mac Mini (2008) iPhone v. 1 (2007) iPhone v. 2 (2008) iPhone v. 3 (2009) iPad (2010) iMac (2010) iPhone v.4 (2010) Guess it is time to buy some more stuff.]]>

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