My former professor is now Catholic University's President

My constitutional law professor at the University of Notre Dame, Professor John Garvey, was just inaugurated as the President of Catholic University in Washington, DC. Quite an honor for him, the first lay person to be president in several decades. He’s already ruffled some feathers with a pretty explicit discussion about free speech and words (which mirror a rather similar, shock inducing session we had when studying the First Amendment back in law school).  He was said to be in consideration for the deanship of the law school at Notre Dame, but rumored to be taken down by some of the more liberal members who felt he was too conservative.  Now some religious conservatives are mad at him for being too liberal.  Go figure. Will have to look him up should I get back to DC anytime soon.  Looks like he’ll be busy rebuilding the campus according to the press reports (Catholic is kind of spread out and needing of a quad, trees, and other campusy things). Congrats Professor (President) Garvey.]]>

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