Norway curling pants the 'hottest' thing on ice

Much is being made about the Polo Reindeer Cap from the opening ceremony being the hottest fashion item of the Winter Games, but now it seems it has been supplanted by something a bit more garish being the sought after ‘must have’ for Olympic fans (which good for me too as I’ve sold my Polo hats for as much as $500 each on Ebay). The crazy pants for the Norwegian curling team are turning heads throughout Vancouver.  Red, white and blue plaid would look more appropriate on the golf course than the curling ice, which helps explain how the Norway team was able to get the pants.  The captain of the team went online to to order these pants just before the Olympics.  Only $99 if you can still find a pair (and I should note their website is getting pounded). Unfortunately for Norway the pants were no help yesterday as Canada beat Norway 7-6. loud mouth golf]]>

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