Olympics airlift Zambonis to Vancouver, give up on 'green' ice machines

[/caption] Follow a disasterous resurfacing yesterday, the Vancouver Olympic Committee has launched an emergency airlift of a Zamboni machine to the Winter Olympics. While often thought of as synonymous with ice resurfacing, Zamboni is actually a trademark of a specific machine.  The Olympic committee, in an effort to ‘go green’ decided not to use the tried and tested Zamboni but an electronic Olympia machine.   The first one belched up a bunch of snow on the long track speed skating oval. Then the backup did the same thing. Then the emergency backup shredded the ice to the point some teams wanted a postponment of the race. That was it.  Back to the standby and an airlift mission was tasked to fly a true Zamboni out to Vancouver so that the ice resurfacing can go ahead without fail. Sometimes going green is not ready for primetime.]]>

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