Making clean water from thin air in Haiti. Cool tech to the rescue.

As I prepare for our move to Hong Kong, I’m rolling down a list of things to buy for the house to help improve the environment in our luxurious 1350 square feet (980 sq livable space) apartment.  Air filters are an absolute priority, and not the crap ones you buy at Sharper Image but HEPA air filters that get the tiniest of tiny pollutants.  A space heater (because no one has heat in HK and it does get cold).  Water filters for the taps, not necessarily because things are really bad but just to make it better. Then I got to thinking about some of these water systems capable of ‘making’ water from humid air.  There are many systems now available for the home (for about $1,000) but I’m not sure if it is for me.  Needless to say Hong Kong is humid enough for several gallons, but I wasn’t really sure if water from the polluted air in Hong Kong would be safe enough to drink, or whether I should just clean what comes out of the tap (and yes, we will be using bottles more than likely). Turns out the same technology is at work today in Haiti, but on a much larger scale.  Aqua Sciences corporation have sent down a shipping container sized water purification system to generate clean water for a Haitian hospital.  This 40 foot unit (and yes, the pic is of the 20 footer) can create over 1200 gallons a day of water from humid air, and this drinkable water is then cleaned so it can be used in the hospital environment. Read more here : Greenbang]]>

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