A third wave of H1N1? We'll know in a few weeks

The predictions have been out there for some time that we would get a third wave of this most recent novel H1N1 pandemic.  Previous pandemics have behaved similarly, and the idea that H1N1 will ‘obey’ the general flu season is something that was shot to hell as it spread around during the last Summer.  Still, predictions are never perfect. With that in mind, it’s quite interesting to look at Google’s new city-by-city flu map.  If you chart the current H1N1 levels across the nation on the grid, and then superimpose the data for the last three years or so, you’ll see we’re pretty much in the same place we were at this time during other flu outbreaks, and that February is generally a pretty bad time for the normal seasonal flu. We’ve all got our shots and boosters so we’re in a pretty good position right now.  With our upcoming travel plans I’m pretty glad everyone is immunized given the long hours and tiny plane I expect we will be flying to the other side of the world.]]>

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