Minotaur Rocket Launch from Wallops Island, VA tonight. Please go away clouds!

v_minotaur_000719_02Well hell. It’s grey and cloudy here but if it clears up by tonight you might want to head to somewhere with a good Eastern view (think the Western Shore of Maryland, Annapolis, etc) to catch a glimpse of a big Minotaur rocket going up from Wallops Island, VA

These things are pretty visible for quite a distance so if you want to do something cool with the kids it’s an option (if–if–if it clears up tonight, and the current forecast is not looking good). They put out some really bright flames and can be seen for about 800 miles. Last minute updates here:
Live Stream:  http://sites.wff.nasa.gov/webcast/
UPDATE:  5/19/09 at 7:55 EDT  LAUNCH!

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