Fixing the CD player

I mean, I don’t really use it, but it wouldn’t close so things got a bit interesting.

“What’s with the CD player?”

“It’s broken”


“I don’t know. Something about a coin”

“A coin?”

“Nanny said there is a coin in there due to the young one because he was playing with it”

So I pulled it out of the rack and it weighed quite a bit more than I remember it. I tilted it on it’s side and it was like a box full of rocks with all the noise. A quick twist of some screws, the obligatory nearly slicing my fingers on a too sharp edge of the case (stupid manufacturers) and I had a great view of the ‘coin’. All told there was about 75 coins inside, a few pieces of paper and a Thomas the Tank engine trading card.

Let’s just post the picture so you understand what I’m up against. Time for a new stereo rack–this one with a door or something.


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