Meanwhile, in Sri Lanka…

In case you haven’t been paying attention, the Sri Lankan military is on a roll. They seized the last major outpost of the Tamil Tigers rebel group and are now very confidently predicting ‘the end of the resistance’ that has been going on for nearly 25 years.

The rebels are now confined to a very small area of the island, and civilian casualties are mounting (a cluster bomb took out a hospital yesterday). What is somewhat surprising (or maybe not) is the lack of mainstream media attention to this. When Israel went into Gaza in one big push, we knew all the details and all the white phosphorous rounds hitting this school or another. But the Sri Lankan battle is definitely off the radar scope of most people.

This will be interesting. Like several other organizations (Shining Path springs to mind) you see a major military victory and then several years of peace, followed by a bit of a resurgence. One wonders what the next decade will bring in Sri Lanka.


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