Somali pirates keep cutting price for tank ship. Kidnapped by K-Mart a reality.

Waiting to fire.

Waiting to fire.

A blue light special has been announced by the pirates who seized a ship full of Russian tanks off the coast of Somalia.

The pirates, who seized the ship last Thursday, initially demanded a $35 million ransom, then dropped it to $20 million and now it seems they are willing to settle for much less.

“It’s down to $5 million,” said Andrew Mwangura, program coordinator for the Seafarers’ Assistance Program in Kenya, which tracks pirate attacks and communicates with the families of crew members. “But this needs to be done quickly. The longer that ship stays in Somalia, the more people who are going to get involved and the greedier they’re going to get.”

A Russian frigate is due on station in a few days. They’ll probably blow up the ship (which is what should do too) but they’ll be doing it to hide evidence of dealings with the outlaw Sudanese regime.


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