Passing along the Matchbox to my son

Ready for the next generation.

Ready for the next generation.

I spent today cleaning the garage. It took about 4 hours and I’m not done yet. I’m a hell of a lot farther along than I’ve been since I moved here (i.e. I can easily park the car in the garage) but there is still a lot of stuff that needs to be gone.

While cleaning I went through the boxes housing my old electric trains. Talk about a walk down memory lane. I came across a bunch of things I haven’t seen in decades and can’t wait to get them set up and running again (though that will require a new house with some extra room).

I did happen to find some Matchbox cars though. I brought them in the house and the boy was quite excited. New cars to play with was the highlight of the day. One of my favorite is the London fire truck I got when I was about five or six. It’s a lot more beat up than the picture above, but it still has the ladder (I never lost it) and rolls pretty good. We’ll see if it stays that way through the next generation of user.


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